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Made with HD 6mm or LW 3mm knotless nylon black netting. Complete with a rubber like flexible PVC ring with a reinforced inner helix for added strength. Ring is rated for weather up to -35. One of the easiest slow feed nets on the market

Medium Bale Condom (4x4 bale size)

SKU: 21354654
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  • Made from our HD 6mm thick Nylon netting. Nettting is knotless ,  with a breaking strength of 750 pounds. We have double heat set the netting to seal the fibres making our netting Water resistant which is extremely helpful in wet climates and winter weather. 

    Condom ring is made of a flexible PVC material with a reinforced inner helix for great strength, the ring was designed to stand up to the weight of a horse and the freezing weather temperatures.

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