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We take pride in ensuring that all personal information provided during your shopping experience with our company will at no time be shared with any other person or company. It's our pleasure making your shopping experience as safe and enjoyable as possible  to ensure your returned business. 


It's important when feeding with Slow Feed Nets to always offer loose hay along side of your netted hay for horses that are just learning to use nets. For your horses safety please remember that halters, cribbing collars, grazing muzzles, shoes, as well as possibly blankets can get caught on your net. Should your horse be blanketed please take a look at our Extras section in our Shop for our Buckle Buddies that will help keep your blanketed horses safe. Horses with shoes should NEVER be in direct contact with a net, place all netted hay in a feeder for shod horses. In regards to safe keeping of your net when not in use we recommend that you store it in a covered area out of the elements. This will ensure a longer net life. 

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