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made from our HD 6mm thick Nylon knotless netting. fits 1-2 flakes only comes with a flexible PVC rubber like ring for easy filling.Ring is rated for weather up to -35. Holds the net wide open making feeding a breeze. you may add Hardware , as this price is WITHOUT HARDWARE. Hole size is our small hole netting measuring 1.25'

Mini Muncher hoop net 1-2 Flakes

Hors TVA |
  • All our products have a 30 Day Manufacturers DEFECT Warranty.

    Should there be a defect in our netting that went undetected it will show up in the first bale you feed. The 30 Day warranty covers replacement of your net. 

    should you have purchased the incorrect size of product you may exchange for the proper size with in 30 days of purchase Provided The product has not been used. 

    Should the product be used we will still take it back but can not do a full cost rebate or full exchange

  • SHOES should never have direct contact with a net! Place a feeder around netted bales out in your paddocks.

    HALTERS,BLANKETS AND GRAZING MUZZLES can get caught on a net, but a small piece of vet wrap around any buckles or clips will help with that.

    Stall nets with shod horses MUST be hung high enough that the horse can not paw at the net.

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